of the moment

from top left: heart pen from the bf, pentax SD card reader, Aveeno body wash/scrub, peace sign earrings, key to my heart necklace, l'occitane hand cream, and green tea with jasmine gum


  1. I love your blog! I saw your comment on the lollipop26 post today...
    You have really nice pictures and nice design of the blog in general. I browsed through and noticed we have similar tastes, and we're both Canadian!

    Check out my blog and see if you like it;

  2. very good blog! Your really talented, when i tried to put pictures in my posts it didnt work haha, probably because i didnt know what i was doing since i am new. I also see your from Canada! Thats so cool cause i am too :D Anyways, awesome design and blog posts! Check out my blog www.lovesparksxo.blogspot.com if you want. I just started a week ago so i dont have much :) But anyways grreat joB!<3


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