as you may know today is ash wednesday (which marks the first day of lent). during this time, christians usually give up something they really, really like. i have decide to: give up buying clothes and make up! i know that this is going to be very, very, veeeery difficult thing but i am going to try my best. wish me luck, i'll need it!


  1. Wow that seems so tough but I guess it can easily be done really as I'm sure we all have plenty of clothes and make up to last us atleast 40 days. Jst avoid town!
    I'm not really religious but I'm thinking of joining in and not eating chocolate, gunna be so difficult though.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and subscribing :) It made my day- really! I have to let me know how the not eating chocolate goes. Thank you again for your lovely comments. :D

  3. good luck! Best time to start shopping your closet!


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