my humble little lush collection

I adore Lush. All there soaps/bath bombs/hair products/etc are excellent quality and handmade!! Pictured below are not the only products I have tried but what I have at the moment. I forgot to include Lemony Flutter and the Fresh Face Mask (which is in my fridge!)

Starting from the top left hand corner- Big Shampoo, Snowshowers(Limited Edition), Angels on Bare Skin, Father Frost(Limited Edition), Ring of Roses, Ice Blue, Cinders Bathbomb(Limited Edition), Butterball Bathbomb, Angel's Delight(Limited Edition), Alkmaar Soap

Brief Reviews-

Big Shampoo: LOVELY shampoo with huge sea salt crystals. It leaves my hair feeling as clean as ever. It is a bit drying so use it with a good conditioner. However, I would highly recommend this.

Snowshowers: This jelly is a bit awkward to use in the shower. I waste a lot of product because it is alway slipping out of my hands hahaha. The smell of it is amazing and it is so moisturizing. Its a shame that it is limited edition. Oh well, there is always next year.

Angels on Bare Skin: This cleanser is very gentle and leave my skin feeling so soft. It is a bit cumbersome to use. I would probably not repurchase this- It's not one of my favourites.

Father Frost: This soap smells terrible. I got this part of the buy 1 get 2 free soap deal. I do not like this soap at all.

Ring of Roses: I love love love the smell of this soap. It's floral (roses, obv) with a twist of lemon- sooo lovely! I have and will continue to repurchase this soap. It actually contains cream in it so it does not lather but it does moisturize.

Ice Blue: This is a very reviving, strong scent. I ordered this online with one of the Lush Christmas gift sets. The scent is not for me- I prefer something gentle and subtle. This soap has a very strong scent.

Cinders Bath Bomb: I have not used it yet. I actually lost it in between my clothes are just found it a few days ago! It smells pretty good though haha.

Butterball Bath Bomb: It smells amazing! I think that this is the most moisturizing of all the bath bombs. It leave a gross, sticky residue in the tub though..icky!

Angel's Delight: I am so so so upset that I did not buy more of this soap. It smells AMAZING! I cannot get enough of this smell..in the shower it's even better. It smells very sweet which I usually do not like! I wish this was not limited edition :(

Alkmaar: This is another soap that I wish I bought more of. It smells great in the soap and is very moisturizing (can you tell I like that? LOL) I would compare it to snowshowers but in a bar- which is perfect and there is no mess haha! The smell is very hard to describe.


  1. Big shampoo; i tried a sample, love it, i'm getting it soon.

    Snowshowers; my friend gave me loads of this stuff, smells really nice, i too always drop it cause its very slippery.

    Angel's Delight; i love the smell but i find that it leaves a skweeky clean feeling on my skin that i hate. its not moisturizing enough.

  2. I agree about Angel's Delight but I am willing to sacrifice some moisture for the smell!! hahaa


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