whats in my purse

i always love seeing what is in other people's bags- so i decided to share what i have in mine. here it is:
long champ le pliage purse in mauve- i love these bags! i have the same one in dark blue :)
of course theres a bunch of change hanging around at the bottom of my purse
my fav sunglasses- black with gold detailing. they are marc by marc jacobs
little sandal has a mirror at the back of it (so cute) and, of course, a cute metal clip
my favourite nude lipstick is CG 470 (they dont make it anymore... so sad!!), burt's bees lip balm and a kiehl's lip balm for good measure!!
my very well used coach wallet! i need a bigger one now- all my cards barely fit :(
purell hand sanitizer and flashlites- i would never leave home with out either of these things. i am known for being very anal about my teeth and hands!
last, but not least, my leather back notebook which i use to write down any thoughts, ideas or things i need to do!!

i hope you enjoyed this post and i tag Monika (http://moonshine709.blogspot.com) to do this tag!!

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  1. Ahhh! Thanks for the tag, I will be doing this tomorrow when I get a chance :D
    Love what your notebook says 'Be the change'


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