of the moment II

i apologize for being a bit MIA for the past week- school has been so hectic. i managed to squeeze in a quick post today. i took a few pictures of the things that i have really been loving lately. this is a bit different than usually because none of things are make-up or fashion related.
easter candy and chocolate! i absolutely the mint chocolate drops pictured in the jar. it's too bad that they only come out around easter time :(
recently i picked up a Sushi cookbook at Winners. it was only $6 and i love love love it! sushi is a lot of work to make but it's well worth it at the end :)
one of my favourite rolls is the chicken teriyaki rolls- california rolls are a close second though! i made these last night. it tasted sooo good :)another thing i have been loving lately are tulips. they are my favourite flower- so beautiful!
i recently picked up this lovely decorative bird cage!! i have been slowly working on transforming my room into "shabby chic." i will put up more picture of my room once the transformation is complete.

i hope you guys enjoyed this little post. let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see more of these! by the way, if you have twitter you should follow me _laurenm (it will make my day!)


  1. Love your blog, very cool, will be back :)

  2. Lauren I think that your blog is great, very well put together and you have provided alot of interesting info, I enjoy logging on to see what's new


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