spring colours

spring 2010 is fast approaching and, of course, new nail polish trends are emerging. the most obvious trend for this spring is pastel- it's everywhere. i spotted this lovely nail polish at the drug store.
this mint colour first showed up in october on the Chanel runway. now, it has made it's way to the lower end brands- despite it's loss of being "exclusive" i still love it. revlon recently released it's spring 2010 collection and the mint nail polish above is called Minted. very fitting!

on the topic of new colours coming out for spring- Chanel just released a new collection of lipsticks! i am in love with one of the colours.. well all of the colours.. but particularly this one:
the model, Vanessa Paradis (Johnny Depp's wife) is wearing the colour mademoiselle 05. i love love love it. i can't wait for lent to be over, so i can get my hands on it!

what are your up and coming spring favourites?


  1. I'm enjoying all the pastel polishes right now. Mr Depp's wife is one lucky lady!

  2. I'm a nail polish freak, I love that seafoam green!


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