iPad: need or greed?

Apple's long awaited unveiling of the iPad has caused much discussion among the internet community. Some say that the iPad is excessive and unnecessary, "an iphone on steroids" one blogger writes. Others, particularly Apple fanatics, have embraced the iPad anxiously waiting its public release. The iPad is said to offer consumers the best way to experience the web, email, photos, and videos. However, as is often seen with first generation products, there may be loose end particularly glitches which need to be sorted out. The iPad's lack of a USB port and a camera will definitely limit it's usage. Perhaps Apple has purposely over looked these key items to allow room for improvement for the second generation. The iPad boasts a multi touch screen with the same set up as the iphone. There are three models 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB in either a WiFi or WiFi + 3G version. There has been no mention of the iPads release in Canada yet. I expect the prices to be slightly higher than the US prices. The iPad starts at $499 US for WiFi and $629 US for the WiFi + 3G version.
I hope this review has been helpful and enlightening. The only question that remains is for you to decide- Is Apple's release of the iPad need or greed?

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